An independent creative studio

capturing the essence of brands through imagery that connects and captivates.


I am Andy Skye, I have a background in interior design and studied it for 2 years, got my diploma and now combine my experience with design, professional painting 16+ years with my love for photography + being creative.

I create desirable props and scenes with the use of plaster, clay, paint, and natural props. My expertise extends further into retouching and my knowledge with photo editing software.

I shoot digital and film. My film is developed in studio by my husband.

My work is a passion and talent, I think you can see it reflected in my portfolio. 

Always evolving + growing to be my highest self, with the desire to produce unique sought after imagery in a competitive industry.

I like my website to be an immersive experience. Thank you for taking the time to look around! 

Enjoy <3

I care deeply about the planet and its inhabitants. Every shoot will be offsetting carbon emissions with a certified tribute to Tree Canada


  • product photography for brands
  • e-commerce
  • socials
  • advertisements
  • creative direction
  • image licensing