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As a freelance photographer, Andy Skye enjoys being able to share her perspective through photographs. Ever since her dad bought her a 35mm point-and-shoot camera when she was just 9 years old, Andy has had a deep passion for the visual arts. As an adult, she studied interior design in Southern Alberta and was introduced to Photoshop. She then moved to Vancouver, BC and her interest in photography was reignited. She spent many rainy winter evenings in cafes honing her camera skills by teaching herself manual mode.


In 2020, she completed the Horizon Found photography course and solidified her niche. Specializing in brand photography (skincare, clothing, and home decor), portraits in nature, and retouching. Her gift is capturing small, quiet moments in time while working with purpose, intent, and respect for nature. She plays with light and natural elements and always keeps a clean and simple aesthetic. 


Photographing women in nature speaks to her because she finds joy in capturing the feminine form amongst beautiful light. She enjoys spending time in nature before the sun rises or during sunset when the light is most magical. She intends to make the subject shine through the way she utilizes motion, lighting, colors, composition, poses, angles, and other photographic techniques. She also retouches images for brands in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. This includes everything from minor retouches to full-on image enhancement.


Working out of her home studio in Canada, Andy is inspired by and connected to the world around her. She believes strongly in loving herself through self-care and is committed to working with brands that are sustainably and ethically aligned with her own values. This brings authenticity to her photography that can’t be duplicated.


When she’s not behind the camera, Andy enjoys renovating her family home and spending time with her fiancé and German Shepherd. She is also dedicated to her yoga + meditation practice as well as her daily sauna session that helps her focus on her well-being.


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What I Offer:


- Brand Photography: fashion, lifestyle and skincare

-Women in nature portraits


Camera RAW + Photoshop

-Skin retouching

-Removal of objects

-Full image enhancement

My Photography


-Art prints

-Licensed Photography

Interior Design


-selection of materials and finishes

-I help you solidify your design concept.

-personal organization


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