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Here and there

I wanted to share these panoramics that I've stowed away.

The tundra, Nunavut.

7 mile beach, Negril.

Seawall, Vancouver.

Nunavut, Tyler picked me fossilized seashells here.

Flin Flon, Manitoba.


Rainboots in the Pacific. We would run this route in the evening.

Seawall, Vancouver.

Seawall again. This was our backyard for an entire year so naturally I was always taking photos of this view.

Tensing Pen, Jamaica.

Lionsgate bridge view. Vancouver.

Sunset in Nunavut.

Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver.

You can see our old truck on the bottom left. i would watch the Herons gather on the rooftops from this window while homeless pushed around their carts, clanking bottles. we would give food and warm clothing to them. i would watch families of racoons rummaging. seen someone try to hotwire an unlocked car. i could see the rockies in the distance and breathe in the salty ocean air. i loved this window.

I absolutely adored our rooftop. and the herons that gathered there.

Denare Beach, SK.

English Bay, Vancouver.

Old Highway "last hill".

Fishing with my dad.

Lake Athapapuskow

Somewhere remote

Another remote location taken by Tyler.

Nunavut (so smitten with this landscape)

Millroad Ranch


An interesting excursion, hiking in the jungle. Negril

mmmm Tensing Pen.

Mason behind his carvings.

Waiting on akee and saltfish.

literally on a mountain top

Beaver Lake, SK

Montreals first church

Bakers Narrows Provincial Park


at the farm fall 2017

mystic lake

quite possibly the time me and cybil got her car stuck

2 am, old montreal

we went to an in/outdoor rave

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